I went shopping!

Shhh. I just went shopping and bought some new clothes.

Haven’t I done that a lot lately you ask?

Why yes, yes I have.

Thankfully my mother is supporting my habit.

I wanted a denim jacket and another sundress like I bought when I was on vacay. They are more on sale now.

I also got this really cool crocheted overlay thing I might be in love with.

Finally, I found this cute shorter sundress, but the straps are way too long. I think my friend can fix that though. She sews a lot of things. I might be able to do it by hand, but I suck at sewing so…

I feel a little better, so I got the “rush” from shopping this time. I also wasn’t buying a black dress anticipating needing it for a funeral. Blech.

It was all on sale at least 40% which is nice, and it’s all useful summer stuff. I needed some “girly” things.

Also, I found like ALL of my makeup. Including my glitter. Which is AWESOME. (For those that don’t know, I used to wear glitter on my face every day. I just sort of fell out of practice for a couple of years). I might start again since I live at home and my mother objects to fun colored hair (dumb, since I’m 41, but it is what it is. I’m also not allowed piercings beyond the one in my ears and definitely no tattoos).

Some of my makeup is brand new, which is good because I’m going to have to toss some of the older stuff.

Anyway, I think my mom is having a good day so far. I’m happy about that.

I hope all the mothers who are reading this are having a good day too!

Image from Pexels.

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