Well, got screened

I was screened for crisis services this morning. They finally showed up.

I was understandably anxious.

Anyway, I’m all set with them and I’m meeting with them later today.

I’m hopeful that working with them should be useful.

I don’t want to keep harassing friends and others.

It will make me feel like less of a burden I think.

I can call them if it gets too terrible or unmanageable.

They are all pretty nice, although one of them used to totally freak me out. We had a good talk the last time I used them and now I really like her.

So, yeah. I think it should be helpful.

I also scored an appointment with my psych tomorrow morning, in what I can only describe as a God thing. I needed to see her to see if I can do something with my meds. I don’t know what she can do, I never seem to have luck with new meds, but she says she has lots of ideas so I’m game.

I just can’t keep feeling like this. This black hole feeling.

I feel like I’m circling the drain.

It needs to stop somehow.

Image from Pexels.

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