Feel some relief

I’ve been stalking people to have people to talk to over the last couple of weeks and that never feels good.

Not stalking exactly, but taking too much of their time and feeling really guilty about it.

I asked my therapist to help connect me to the crisis team tonight so I could meet with them for the next couple of weeks on a daily basis and get my life and emotions straightened out.

I just need to have some structure and someone to “check in” with every day.

The crisis team will do that. They can also talk to my psych and help her understand what’s been going on. They can get me into her sooner than my next appointment (on the 11th), if they think I need it.

This bout of depression has been the worst of my adult life. I am miserable.

I’m afraid that I will not make it without more intervention, so I think this is a good step.

So we’ll see. I’m not always sure how these things will pan out. Last time, it ended up being a positive experience. They were really helpful.

Now I’m hoping for the same thing.

I’m just afraid.

Older original art by me.

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