Home and Sad

I’m home.

I made the drive and it’s over and now I just want to be in a ball.

The woman who cleans for my parents is here, and my parents are not, so I have to be present.

I am so close to tears it’s not okay.

I don’t know how to be “fine.”

I’m exhausted from being “mostly okay” for three days.

I just need to cry. I just need to fall apart.

I am not sure what else to say. I feel like I am going to be sick.

Image from Pexels.

7 thoughts on “Home and Sad

      1. I took a nap. I’m still sad, but calmer. I probably will be for a while. It is what it is, right? I just need to process some things. It was like an avalanche that set off me needing to get away. It’s not like that avalanche went anywhere. I am just a little further removed from it so I can start picking away at it.

        You are very sweet to ask.


      2. You mustered up courage and pushed yourself away from it. It needs great strenght to do so. And you move away from it.

        You saved your self i step, the rest will difinitely follow. First step is always the hardest.

        And you won at that. 🙂

        Thank you. You are very sweet to say that.

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