Good and Bad

Today was everything. It was amazing and fun and I really enjoyed it, and it was terrible and sad and scary and I cried way too much.

The terrible crying part didn’t ruin the day, though. It was just part of it.

I think heartbreak and sadness are a natural part of life, and people usually live through it.

I was reminded that I make it through the “hard stuff.”

Sometimes I need a little love and support, but I make it through. Today was no different.

God keeps putting people on my path with me who are amazing and supportive and helpful.

So yeah.

I keep seeing that and it blows my mind. He keeps answering prayer.

Watching the waves on the lake today, and looking at the dunes, I was again reminded how blessed I am to live where I do and how I was just to be sitting there.

It was pretty awesome. As in awe-inspiring.

I just really needed today. It was an important day. I came off of the fence about something as well that I had been really struggling with.

I wish everyone a day like this every now and then. It puts life into perspective.

1st Image: Pexels.

2nd Image: photo by me.

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