Out of here!

What’s a SUPER depressed Michigan girl to do when it’s supposed to be 80°+ this week? (That’s like 26°C for everyone else).

I’m heading to the beach with an old friend.

The beach towns are cute and have lots of shops (my FAVE), and little restaurants and ice cream stops. It’s a good way to relax.

Now, ask me if I’m packed.

I’m not.

I’m supposed to pick up my friend in 2.5 hours.

I need to clean out my car some, even though we are taking one of my parents’ cars because my car is freaking GROSS.

I need a shower for similar reasons.

I don’t expect the beach to be a cure all. It’s more like a respite. Just a way to rest my brain for a while. All of the things I’m worried about and scared about will still be waiting for me at home, but maybe I’ll be a little more sane.

Okay. I better get off of here and get moving!

Photo by me.

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