Tackled cardiac hill!

I laced up my walking shoes and went for a longer walk than I intended today.

I even went up what we jokingly call “cardiac hill” in my neighborhood because it is so steep.

I just took it slow and walked. It was nice.

I waked probably a mile or so. Maybe just under.

I haven’t walked at all in a couple years though, so it was an achievement.

I also have a bad knee and something, I don’t know what yet, wrong with my left foot that makes it hurt all the time, so it was kind of a feat.

I’m pretty proud of myself, actually. It was a little mood booster.

I wish I could do it all of the time, but my foot is in so much pain now, I don’t think I will be repeating this for a bit.

Sigh. It was definitely useful today though.

Image from Pexels.

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