Could be worse

I woke up today.

It could be worse.

I mean, I realized yesterday, when I went to whine to a friend, that I could have it worse.

Worse things could be happening.

I’m not trying to invalidate the stuff I’m going through, but I’m just trying to be grateful for what I have.

I’m still struggling.

That’s not really changed. But I am trying harder.

I did some art this morning that isn’t finished and might be a gift for someone so it won’t appear here if it is, but we’ll see.

It might be a first draft.

Aside from that, I have therapy today, (thank goodness), and I have some shopping to do.

I love shopping. Everybody knows that.

I even showered this morning. Yay me!

I’m trying to kidnap a friend to hang w me today, but she’s not very amiable to those sorts of things, so we’ll see.


I’m trying.

Image from Pexels.

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