Not really fun…

I’m so dizzy.

As in, “feel like I’m gonna fall down/pass out” dizzy.

I didn’t really want to get the second dose of this vaccine and now I’m really sad that I did.

I feel like trash.

I have a doctors appointment for tomorrow because they think that the dizzy thing is an “interesting” side effect.

I’ll probably have to cancel it though because I can’t get all the way there by myself. It’s pretty far away and I don’t want to drive that far feeling this bad.

I have other, more traditional side effects as well, but the dizzy thing sucks bad.

Image from Pexels.

5 thoughts on “Not really fun…

    1. Pfizer. I don’t think it matters as I know people who have gotten moderna who were incredibly ill. My uncle was even in the hospital for three days. If I don’t move,
      It’s not too terrible. xoxo.

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