When restlessness strikes…

…I sit in the spinny chairs on my deck and listen to the wild turkeys gobbling in the woods.

Seriously though, it’s going to rain soon and the wind is picking up so I can’t be out here much longer.

I’m out of ideas for things to do.

I kind of want to do something creative like draw or do some kind of art. I’m just struggling to come up with a concept.

It’s been a long time since I made art.

I need to do it again. I miss it.

I could listen to music and clean… I mean, I’ve done that.

I just don’t want to clean. Who wants to do that?

I sort of “organized” my closet.

I found a couple of books I was intending to read. I could start those…


I don’t know.

Super frustrated. Just with myself.

At least I remembered to eat lunch.

Photo by me.

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