Here’s the thing

I called my Dad back, whom I talked to this morning, just to chit chat.

APPARENTLY he is in the emergency room.


I found out from my stepmom who just happened to answer my Dad’s phone. It’s never good when that happens.

So, I mean, the word right now is that he “just” has vertigo.

Vertigo sucks. Been there.

Mostly I’m worried that he keeps having weird neurological symptoms that no one can figure out despite an MRI and CT etc.

I’m naturally a SUPER anxious person, obviously, and I’m scheduled to go to Georgia where he lives in a week and a half, but I’m now afraid that I might be too late.

I am so upset.


I HATE not knowing.

I HATE that they don’t call me and tell me when these things first happen so that I can stay updated. I just have to accidentally find out.


Mad. Worried. Upset.

Image from Pexels.

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