Ready to burst…

I feel like I am about to burst into tears.

I just have a tight lock on that right now.

It’s just kind of ridiculous.

I woke up to watch the news and saw that Prince Phillip in England had passed and that made me unaccountably sad. Like it’s the beginning of the end of an era. I don’t know. All of these icons I grew up with and they are disappearing. That and I just feel terribly sad for the Queen and how stupid for me to empathize so much with someone I’ve never met? I just feel stupid.

I am struggling today. I have to do some things around the house, and I need a nap I think before I can do them.

It would help if I could blast music and rock out, but that’s not optional today.


Just need the nap.

Then dishes.


Image from Pexels.

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