That other school…

There are actually several large universities in Michigan, but two that are considered “the big ones.”

They are Michigan State and The University of Michigan.

I did not go to the University of Michigan for school, but I do go there for my specialist medical care.

I have a pancreatic gastroenterologist there who is awesome and has been super helpful.

I’m hoping he can help me out again.

He’s gonna be upset I didn’t get the lab done that he wanted, but I lost the first lab slip and then it didn’t occur to me that I could have them fax it over until this past week. DUH. So yeah. Didn’t get done.

I am hopeful that he has something useful. I’m tired of harassing the local hospital with my non functioning pancreas. I would also like to not be diabetic in the future if I could avoid it.

So there’s that.

Lots of questions that I thought I had for him that now I’m forgetting this morning as well. It’s pretty awesome.

Oh well.

I’m sure some of them will come to me.

Image from Wikipedia.

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