Cutting out foods

So I’m slowly trying to eliminate things from my diet.

I cut out pop, (soda for all the rest of you weirdos), which was surprisingly difficult even though I did it before and I like water.

I’m trying now to cut out processed sugar and white breads/carbs.

I’m trying to eat whole grains. Sigh. It’s so much harder.

I am trying.

I did eat white rice sushi for lunch. It was like 400 calories too which is bad, but whatever. I had a banana for breakfast.

I drank an adult beverage with dinner, something I also never do when I’m “eating healthy,” but I’m also “losing my mind,” so there are trade offs to make.

I just want to lose weight again. I feel like it’s not going to happen for me this time because I’m not disciplined enough.


Whatever. One step at a time.

One thought on “Cutting out foods

  1. I’ll be your weight loss buddy if you need one, I’m on a journey to lose weight too! Its tough. Very, very tough. I lost over 32 pounds and gained back a lot of it. Now I have to re lose that all over again sigh. Xxx


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