What me worry?

I don’t know how many of you will get this reference.


I read MAD magazine religiously as a kid. LOVED it.

Also, I digress.

I worry. All the time I worry.

I can’t stop worrying.

I freak out about my mom not feeling well.

I freak out about my friends struggling with their health.

I freak out about my friend’s dog being ill.

I stress out about other people’s stress.

It’s kind of ridiculous.

I need to get a grip.

My current 12 hour window is not looking so good for that.

I haven’t showered in a week I think. I don’t know because I’ve completely lost track of time for the first time ever. I just know my hair looks gross.

I’m just frozen.


So yeah. I worry. About me, my family, my friends, my city, my state, my country, my world. I just do.

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