When it rains…


My friend is still battling COVID, which means I’m still in quarantine with her.

The dog, (her dog), is sick. He requires medication as of recently, and now his blood sugar appears to be out of whack. Something we can’t get checked out until the quarantine is over.

Today, (in an issue more important than the dog, but just next in line in order), my mom had to be taken to the emergency room because her blood pressure was dangerously low. I guess they determined she has some kind of bug and is dehydrated, but thank God it’s not COVID for her (they tested her).

So. I’m trying to keep all of the balls in the air. I am. There’s a lot to keep going. Dishes, meals, getting the dog outside, trying to take care of my friend and myself, (although, I still have managed to dodge the COVID bullet so to speak as far as I can tell since my negative test).

Today I hit the “I’m overwhelmed and can’t take anymore bad stuff” wall. Like no more. I’m done.

Maybe tomorrow.

Image from Pexels.

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