I’m trying not…

…to totally freak out about this inauguration.

I just spent a semester up close with people who think like the incoming administration. I can’t.

I’m somewhere in the middle, if that’s even possible anymore.

I mean, I just don’t understand why we have to hate people just because they don’t agree with us. Why is that a thing?

I’m trying not to watch stuff today because my country’s capitol is locked down because one side is terrified of the other, (partially justified), and the other side is feeling left out of the system and completely disenfranchised, (valid or not).

Conspiracy theories on BOTH sides are out of control.

I have friends on both sides and they are just ridiculous.

No, Biden supporters in general did not conspire to steal the election. No, 99.9% of the 75 million Trump voters aren’t violent and don’t hate you.

I can’t figure out how one half of the country hasn’t figured out that they have to live with the other half yet. I mean, we have to love each other.

That was the worst part about that social work program. I have no idea how those people are going to work with half of the country when they hate them so much.

I have no idea how Biden and Harris are going to deal with people that aren’t fully behind the socialist program. I’m not. I will probably get the “disabled crazy” pass. I don’t know.

I’m just scared and tired of all the fighting and not really willing to just bend over.

I hope the new president can bring the people together. I hope he has a plan. I kind of doubt he can see past his own hate, though. Just like the last guy.


I haven’t endorsed a president since George W. Bush and that was when I was young and silly. At least he’s turned out to be a good man like I thought he was.


I’m so tired.

Image from Pexels.

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