I love mornings…

This is not where I’m at this morning however. I’d enjoy this morning much more if I were at Hilton Head island again I think. Just my guess.

I don’t mind this one though. I’m just really tired. It’s pitch black outside and super cold.

I’m at least the lucky kind of person that wakes up and is awake. I don’t have to struggle to gain consciousness or become alert. I just go from sleeping to awake. I might feel a little tired, but I’m fully awake when my eyes open.

This makes mornings easier for me than nights. I struggle at night sometimes because I can’t fall asleep the way I’d like to all of the time. It’s getting better, but it can still be a struggle.

Ooh! I think the coffee pot just did that last gurgle which means it’s done so I’m off to grab a cup! Good morning everyone! Have a nice day wherever you are!

Photo by me.

2 thoughts on “I love mornings…

  1. I’m so happy for you that you don’t have to struggle to wake up. That being said, it must be hard to struggle to fall asleep. I experience that too sometimes. Hope you enjoyed your morning coffee.

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