I don’t have a better picture of my Abuela on my phone, but her name was Olga and I called her Olgita.

She has gone Home to be with her Father now, and I’m so sad.

I don’t have anyone to grieve with in Michigan because no one knew her up here. I feel so lost.

My Dad and Stepmom are understandably holding off on any kind of memorial until after covid, so I don’t even have that.

My friend is obsessed with these random people she knew thirty years ago and their brothers/kids etc, but doesn’t appear to have time for me.

It’s super gross.

I have two papers to write before this weekend, and I’m feeling rushed and frozen at the same time. Hopefully, I get motivated tomorrow.

I hate loss. I don’t handle it well.

It’s not my thing.

Photo by me.

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