Guess who has pancreatitis again???!

This girl.

It’s really mild so far, but it hurts and I’m over it. I’m so tired of getting this. I feel like crap.

I’m so tired of being sick.

I threw up in the emergency room like four times. The medicine they gave me sort of helped.

I feel terrible.

I am not a fan of pancreatitis. At all. It sucks. Oh well.

Maybe I won’t spend thanksgiving in the hospital…

Photo by me.

8 thoughts on “Again?!&$@

  1. Have you tried changing to a low-fat diet? I know you are not a dog, but my dog had pancreatitis and we had to change her diet to a special lowfat diet to keep her pancreas from getting angry. Just a thought.

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    1. Yeah. I mean, it helps but it’s not foolproof. It definitely helps when I’m sick. It’s always a good idea, of course, but I have found if I stick to a strict no fat diet and slip just once, I get an attack.


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