Thankful: 20th

The greatest disappointment that I’m thankful for…

Goodness, this one is difficult. I guess If I had to admit it, it was a solid disappointment to get to nearly 40 and not have children.

Medically, it would have been a nightmare, and people who have followed my blog forever know that now that’s not possible, but that was my choice.

I had to come to terms with that before I had surgery and I think I completely did.

Now, when I see my cousin who is slightly older than me, chasing down her very young children, I am so very grateful that isn’t me. I love her kids with my whole heart. I just couldn’t imagine having the energy or the mental fortitude to really give parenting what I’d want to give.

I’m very grateful I made it to 40 without having children and can love on family and friends’ children.

I also respect that not everyone feels this way and that some people really want to have kids and can’t, so please don’t take this as a judgement on what other people should or shouldn’t do. It’s a very personal decision and one that worked out well for me.

Image from Facebook.

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