I’m old school.

I have an oral presentation in my policy class tomorrow and I prepared notecards.

I am supposed to create a PowerPoint and turn that in, but I don’t really know how to use PowerPoint. Thankfully, that’s not due for another day or week or something.

I don’t know. He keeps changing things.

I still don’t have my paper done for this class, so that’s kind of bad. It was due last week, and I got extra time, but I am still not going to have it done I don’t think.


I am starting to feel really sick and I can’t tell whether it’s anxiety or if I’m actually coming down with something. It’s not really good. I went and got another covid test and I’ve been trying to stay isolated or only around the people I’ve been around for the last two weeks.


I hate this covid thing. I’m so over it.

That’s old too.

Photo by me.

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