It’s 1 am and I’m AWAKE. All caps.

I took my night meds two hours ago. I don’t know what’s wrong…

I mean, I have my suspicions since I felt SO much better today all of the sudden, but really.

I didn’t want to say I felt YAY better, but as the day has worn on, I feel YAY!

This is a problem. I cannot swing like this.

I have an important paper due at the end of this week and there’s no changing the deadline.

Like, I will be in huge trouble if it’s not done. Huge.

I’m trying to just sort of deal with this as a one day thing and hope tomorrow I level out.

I really do not have time for this crap.

I know a lot of people would be embracing this and be excited like, “ooh! I’ll have the energy to get my work done!”

Not me.

That’s not how this works.

If this is an episode, I’ll be mixed and miserable within hours or a day or two. The “happy place” never stays long. I’m already clenching my teeth.

I feel like partying. Maybe getting that Carrie Fisher tattoo. I dunno.

I just feel like doing something.


I am literally shaking my head because I know this is not really good. It’s never “good.”

Trust me when I say things in my life are not congruent with this mood.


God, I hope I get some sleep…

Image from Pexels.

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