I sent a card to my oldest friend who still won’t make contact with me.

I think she thinks I’m some kind of horrible person because of my politics. Mind you, she is assuming that because she hasn’t actually talked to me about them this year or asked for my opinion. She just thinks she knows.

It’s either that or she’s mad at me for not understanding something that was triggering for her, but it was triggering for me as well, and I did understand her side. She opted not to try to understand mine.

I miss her. It’s selfish, I’ll admit. I do. I don’t understand why she just cut off contact like some kind of cult member.


So anyway, I sent her a card that said I missed her and I told her that she was loved. I hope it gets through to her.

If it doesn’t, I guess I’m going to have to grieve that relationship.

I’m not angry, just sad. She is one of the only people left on the planet that knows me. One of the only people left that has taken the time to bother to do that.

We have been friends for 25 years.

It’s crazy.

I can’t imagine what she thinks I did.

Image from Pexels.

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