Moving forward out of a pit is tough!

Do you know that it can take over 200 muscles to take just one step forward?

It takes at least that much effort to drag myself out of my depression and hole that I’ve dug for myself.

I have literally gotten so far behind with school that I’m going to have to take one of the three “zeroes” afforded to me in the one class this week.

I hope to get the work for the other class done.

I still have to get 2/3 of a paper written for next Saturday’s zoom blitz.


So yeah. There’s that.

I’m also really just making some kind of effort to get better. It doesn’t mean I’m not still feeling really anxious or depressed. I’m just deciding I need to deal with it and keep going because the other option is no choice.

It is what it is I suppose.

I am just kind of worried about school. I made a big mess starting last week, and I’m not sure I have enough time to clean it up. I guess all I can do is all I can do.

Image cited somewhere else on my blog.

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