When the coffee pot sends grounds everywhere and makes a giant mess in the morning and you are too tired to deal with it, McDonald’s comes to the rescue.


Have to have coffee.

I probably don’t need it because it makes me more anxious, but I do require it to function, so there’s that. It’s a double edge sword.

I usually only drink one cup a day, so I don’t over do it, but I really miss the morning cup if I don’t have it.

What’s the point of this post?

Caffeine + super high anxiety probably = bad.

However, me – coffee also = bad.

There are your equations for the morning.

Photo by me.

6 thoughts on “Nectar.

  1. Your equations are the same as my personal ones. Lol! I get headaches without coffee as well, from caffeine withdrawal, so it’s a must for me. I find sometimes coffee is necessary for me to get out of my medication haze. It works for me, and I’m sticking to it for now. Plus it’s delicious!

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  2. LOL I can relate! I have gotten super sensitive to coffee as I get older. I used to be able to drink it all day all night with no problems. Now it makes me anxious if I have too much and if I drink it after 3 I’m up all night. So I have decafe on hand at all times for when I’m in the mood for coffee but can’t have the caffeine.

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