I met with the disability specialist at my university, (or one of them anyway), to talk to him about the paperwork I submitted to request accommodations at school.

It actually went really well.

We talked about how living with anxiety makes it very difficult to sit through long classes without needing breaks, and how I might need extra time for things. He wrote it up and I sent it off to my professors today.

I am so grateful that colleges and universities offer this to students. I only wish I had known about it sooner. Had I known about these types of offices sooner, I would have likely been much more successful in my undergrad and not have had to drop so many classes in order to protect my GPA.

For anyone wondering what I’m talking about, in the USA at public colleges and universities at least, schools have to accommodate disabilities.

These can be documented by your doctor or therapist and do not require that you be receiving “disability benefits” like SSI or SSDI from social security. There are all kinds of things you and the office can work out, from needing to miss class to extra time on tests.

These offices are a godsend if you’re like me and struggle with severe anxiety or bipolar disorder.

It was a successful day so far. I need to do some kind of reading for my other class, but I will get some of that done tonight before I call it a day.

It’s the little victories.

Image from Pexels.

4 thoughts on “Accommodations.

  1. W@hen I went to University of Phoenix there ADA department was a joke. They were so unhelpful and I eventually had to drop classes and drop out of school. I’m glad it went well for your, that is fantastic.

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