I did a stupid thing yesterday morning.

My friend puts a bunch of Sucralose, (Splenda), in her coffee and I’m terribly allergic.

I went to make my coffee in the late morning and grabbed her mug instead of mine off the counter, (because I was tired and needed coffee), and made and drank half the cup before I noticed it wasn’t mine.

Unfortunately, that was enough to make me pretty sick.

I called the nurse at my doctor’s office, and then they sent me to the emergency room.

The doctor there, however, looked at my allergy list and decided I was a psych case.

I know that because his entire treatment plan changed after he saw it and saw my med list and he essentially gave me a placebo to get me out of there.

Meanwhile, I’m still miserable and itchy and my eyes feel like fire is shooting out of them at 4:30 in the morning.

That’s after I found a lonely dose of steroids in my stuff that I could take to try to mitigate this. Before that I was also super nauseous and even more itchy.

I hate when doctors don’t take me seriously due to my mental health. It basically means that I’m going to have to go see my primary care later today to get a couple days of steroids, (what the ER should have done), and that’s if I can even get in there with all of this covid stuff going on.

Just gonna sit here and put a cold washcloth on my eyes and hope that 8:00am shows up sooner than later so I can get ahold of my primary care.

Moral of the story: I need to pay more attention!!

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