Day 15

Welcome to the jungle.

Reports are that Americans are drinking and smoking pot more.


Gotta do something to pass the time.

I’m not super sure that it’s a wonderful idea, I’m just saying I get it.

I am trying to find things that inspire me.

I’m not really succeeding.

I do think tomorrow I’m going to get the dog a harness so I can take him for walks without him choking himself out on the leash.

That should be an adventure.

I “see” my old case manager today who is kind enough to still see me. I am happy about that although I mean, she’ll probably want to kick me in the behind. I need that though.

Sigh. It’s going to be a bit of a busy day and then not so much. I don’t know.

I still need to do laundry. I’ll probably attack that today. Also maybe a walk if it clears up for a while.

That’s it.

That’s the excitement.

Image from Pexels.

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