So I’m back to mood charting. Yay.

I had quit because, honestly, my moods were following the same pattern every month and it didn’t really make sense anymore.

It doesn’t really make sense in terms of mood now because it’s pretty much flatlined depressed, but I can keep track of physical health, meds, etc. and keep a log of daily activities and skills used on the back.

It’s good I guess. My therapist asked me to do it.

I am trying to be a good little mental health patient, although I’m still not really going for walks, (it’s freaking cold outside), and I am not showering daily or getting out of my pajamas.

So there’s that.

I lost it on my peer support today. It’s been so hard. I feel so lost.

I wish I knew a better way to deal with this, but I don’t think there is one.

I think everyone is miserable.

I envy the people who are happy to be at home and think this lockdown is a great thing.

It might be necessary, but I don’t think it’s awesome.

I’m sorry. I’m just not someone who trusts the government, (either party), to save me.

Maybe I’m just paranoid. I probably am. This is probably not the beginning of the end. It just feels like it.

Photo by me and link to chart on my homepage.

2 thoughts on “Charting…

  1. The mood chart is interesting. While I didn’t use a mood chart during my “recovery” I did use a journal to keep track of my moods and all the crazy things that would come into my head during my moods. I found it very helpful. 🦋

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    1. I used to find it really helpful, and I used the back of the mood chart to record those odd thoughts you describe (along with brief descriptions of the day’s events).

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