…only have I been a good girl and stayed home today, (well except for a quick run in my car to grab dinner), I’ve spend 95% of the day in bed.

I accomplished exactly zero things today. I need to work on some mental health homework type things, but I seriously lack the motivation to do that.

I have been using my new think of ten things skill to help ground me and that does help.

I plan to play a few rounds of Uno with my friend this evening and get some social time in.

I really just want to be asleep. I mean, to be honest, when I’m sleeping I don’t feel stressed or bad or upset. It’s my escape.

However, playing games also makes me happy and less stressed so there’s that.

I don’t know. I am still just marveling at how I’m going to get through the next 30 days. Or more. I don’t know.


Image from Pexels.

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