Day 6

The crocuses are coming out in the backyard!

I’m trying to find the beauty in the little patch of life that I’m afforded.

Apparently, the police here, if they come to your house, will harass anyone that doesn’t have a license with the address of the residence on it.

Now, that’s not what the governor’s order says and I am deeply freaked out by that. So is my friend.

I am still not changing my location because I am here, partially at least, to help take care of her, and that’s a legit reason to be somewhere under the governor’s order. Plus, I’ve been here since before the lockdown started so…

I’m sure there are people living in even more restrictive situations and I can’t imagine trying to live under those.

In fairness, this says “Day 6,” but it’s more like Day 23 of social isolation for me since I was sick in the hospital, got out, and this social distancing stuff all started right after that. It just became legally mandated to stay home six days ago.

I just want to go to the beach to see the waves or go somewhere.

It seems stupid that we can’t even go camping in this state. Campsites are further than 6 ft away from each other and they are outside.

Whatever. Where I want to camp is still under at least a foot of snow anyway.

I missed online church this morning because I overslept. I can watch it later though.

I just need to sleep. It is my escape.

Photo by me.

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