Actual image of me dealing with my mom…


Don’t get me wrong. I’m blessed to have my mom and I love her to death.

Sometimes though, she drives me nuts.

The social security court appointed her as my representative payee for my social security funds. Somehow she thinks this makes her lord over ALL of my money.

Today she threatened to take all of my credit cards.

Have I been manic? No.

Her issue? One of my cards has a $200 balance. $200. Not kidding.

It’s from my birthday.

I am just kind of apoplectic.

I don’t know where she thinks she has the authority to do that. She doesn’t.

I’d love for her to call the credit card companies and try to deal with them. They would tell her to take a flying leap.

I am angry.

It’s not like having all of my control pulled is not bad enough. Now she is going to start screwing with my finances?


I am tired of being treated like I’m 15.

By my mom, by the government, by the system, by pretty much everyone.

It’s awesome.

Image from Pexels.

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