The space I use for my art is a repurposed old office space, (yes, that’s an old tube tv in the background).

No one uses this room in the house, so I claimed it.

It’s convenient for me, since it’s across the hall from my bedroom, but I think my parents might kill me when they figure out I’ve been using my bathroom white sink, (that I dutifully bleach out), to rinse out paintbrushes…

Anyway, I was feeling pretty upset this morning and I was having a hard time putting myself back together, so I decided to paint.

I feel so much better! Painting, (or really any art that I do), is such a mindful activity that I forget to be upset.

I’m kind of glad that I was inspired this morning.

When that base dries, I think I’m going to try to paint some crappy flowers on it. I mean, I won’t attempt to make them crappy, but they will probably turn out that way…

It’s okay because it’s just to calm me down and make me happy.

Sigh. I am still feeling sad and a little upset, but not like I was. It’s much better now.

It’s good to use the skills I have instead of spiraling. Sometimes I don’t acknowledge that I am using a skill, but I’m trying to get better at that too.

Photo by me.

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