I know it looks like a rather gloomy day, but that’s the sun peeking out.

It’s the calm before the next snowstorm hits.

I wouldn’t actually mind a little more snow, but I’m supposed to go to the east side of the state tomorrow night for a concert and I’m not looking forward to getting there or getting home in the weather. I’m seriously bugged about it.

My friend, who hates driving on the interstate, is the one driving, and I’m just kind of like…

She’s very excited, so I can’t say no, but I am not okay with it. It seems like a really bad idea.

I mean, if it were an hour away, I’d probably be less anxious, but it’s more like two and a half in good weather.

So yeah.

I don’t even know any of this band’s music. How silly is that? I think it’s a K-Pop band…

The things we do for our friends.

6-9 inches of snow seems like a lot. Maybe that’s just me.

So anyway, bracing myself for tomorrow night.

Photo by me.

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