My church has been running a series this month on love, (not surprising since this is the “love” month).

The first week was on loving God, the second week was on loving your partner, the third week was on loving your community, and today was on loving yourself.

I know not everyone is a believer, and so this isn’t going to resonate with everyone, but if you are, hear me out.

I have struggled with self-loathing and not feeling worthy for a long time. I am not even sure I remember not feeling that way. Maybe when I was very small. BD. Before Divorce.

Everything before that, while tinged with memories of anger and fighting, are still lined with gold. Everything after that is grey and colorless.

Today, my pastor talked about how we are all worthy because we are all unique creations of God’s design.

He created every snowflake, every petal on every flower, and every fingerprint on every person.

He did that knowing all of the crappy things we were going to do.

He loves us anyway.

We are worthy of His sacrifice.

I am.

So… I mean, I guess I have to change my mindset.

Am I cured? No. Did this morning somehow “fix” years of messaging that I’ve sent myself? Not a chance. Did it force me to stop and think about how I view myself in light of the above facts?

You betcha.

Anyway, this is kind of different than what I usually post, I know, but I’ve always said I was going to be as authentic as possible. I’m trying to be more so.

This is a part of my life. I want to share it. Take it for what it is worth and what it might mean for you.

Image from Pexels.

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