Sleepy 💤

I’m exhausted. While I got reasonable sleep last night, I’m still kind of running on a sleep deficit and I’m not sure if I’m getting a migraine or not, so I’m just flat out miserable.

It’s adding to the mix to make me extra anxious, (my jaw actually hurts from how much I’m clenching it), extra tearful and just extra fun in general.

I should have gone to therapy today, but I feel so awful I was afraid to drive. The roads aren’t that great and I’m having a hard time standing upright so I didn’t think that was a winning combination.

I am sure the sleep thing is helping to trigger the migraine thing. I don’t really get many terrible migraines anymore thanks to my prophylactic medications, but when I do they knock me on my butt… quite literally.

The anxiety is making it difficult to rest, putting me in this cycle that is hard to get out of. I am too tired to function yet too anxious to sleep.

It’s miserable.

Old original art by me.

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