It’s been snowing all day. There’s easily four inches on the ground and it’s the good kind of “packing” snow.

If I had the right kind of snow gear, I’d go build a snowman. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure he’d get buried under the additional 4-6 inches we are supposed to get later on.

Weather events like this always make me anxious. I can’t really pinpoint why exactly.

Maybe it’s the threat of being trapped that bothers me so much. I hate that idea. I’ve always hated that.

I also hate how people drive in the snow. I hate having to go out in it. It makes me really nervous.

It’s very pretty and fun to play with, but not so much fun otherwise.

I do kind of get excited to see how much snow we get, and I get sort of a weird thrill seeing it pile up, but scraping it off my car and clearing it off walkways and such is a completely different thing.

I don’t know.

I just know that I’m experiencing heightened anxiety and freaking out.

Welcome to what looks like a loooong winter.

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