I saw my primary care today and he doesn’t know what’s making me sick either.

He said my lab tests are showing some inflammation and he ordered a ct scan so maybe that will show something.

Meanwhile, I guess maybe being sick explains some of my depression issues as of late. I usually struggle with my mood when I’m sick. I should have figured out sooner that something was going on just based off of my mood.

I am not sure that this stupid scan will find anything, but I know I’m in pain. It’s starting to make my whole left side hurt. It’s kind of ridiculous.

I wish I still had my GI doc, but she was impossible to get into, so it really doesn’t matter much. I could get another referral to see her, but again, she’s impossible to see and I always saw her PA, so whatever.

I am just getting weary of feeling ill. First it was the upper respiratory thing that kicked my butt. Now this. I’m kind of over it.

The good news, if there is any, is that the fog of massive depression has lifted and I don’t feel so terrible anymore. I’m still struggling with some self-care stuff, but not nearly as badly as I was, so it could be worse.

There’s always an upside.

Image cited somewhere else on my blog.

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