Guys, I’m still sick…or I’m sick again. Something isn’t right.

I’m not sure what’s exactly wrong. All I know is I couldn’t stay awake yesterday to save my life. I felt woozy and weird and just out of sorts. I had a headache in the morning and then I just felt awful.

I don’t know if it’s stress or just a bug or what. It feels like something physiological, but then, nothing I can pinpoint, so maybe it’s in my head. I don’t know. It’s frustrating.

I have labs I need to get done, and that’s definitely on the list.

I’m supposed to go to this weight loss appointment in the morning, but for real, I am soooo not interested anymore. I should have canceled it on Friday, but I forgot.

The lady there just wants to put me on more meds and I’m really just kind of over medication. I was supposed to get lab work done for her too, but I know it was because I just don’t really want to be medicated. I know meeting with someone once a month is not going to help me reach any kind of goal and I know that some drug might help me lose 10-15lbs, but I need to lose much more than that and being on a drug is not worth 10lbs. It’s just not.

So yeah. I don’t want to get billed for missing the stupid appointment either, but it’s not a lie to say I’ve been sick, so I will just call in the morning and see what they say. Worst case, I go in there and waste all of our time. At least then they can bill my insurance for me physically being there I guess…

I just want to feel better. I’m so tired of feeling gross both physically and emotionally that I can’t even tell you.


It is what it is.

Image from Pexels.

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