Scrubbing 🧽

I broke my six day shower drought. Super gross, I know. I was just in a funk- literally I guess.

It feels good to be clean. I am glad I made myself do it.

I did end up canceling the appointment I had this morning, though. I didn’t want to go and I was really tired. I also just don’t feel myself. I have an appointment with my rheumatologist tomorrow, and I’ll go to that, but I just couldn’t make myself get moving this morning.

I also got the dishes from the sink into the dishwasher! This is an accomplishment on par with the shower. I hate dishes. I still have some left to do, but the bulk of them are happily being cleaned.

I still have more important things to do, like my grad school application, but I need to do laundry and other things because I’m going to be out of clothes to wear tomorrow, so I guess that takes priority.

Oh well. I DID stuff. Yay me!

It might be time for a nap…

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