I’m feeling that itch again to do something. I want to help my community somehow.

I think this means I need to find a place to volunteer.

Sounds so simple, but I don’t know where I want to do that. I tried reaching out to an organization a while ago that I thought would be a good fit, but they never got back to me, so that was a strike out.

I guess I need to keep looking.

I know I want to volunteer with a human services organization. I feel like I am kind of pushed out of a lot of options because I have been a client of too many places so they won’t want me as a volunteer.

I also am wary of going “whole hog” and doing something like staffing a crisis line or something like that because that feels like a lot of responsibility right now. Like a lot.

I mean, maybe. The place that does that in town offers a lot of training and there’s probably some other area where I could volunteer with them… I don’t know.

It’s too late in the year here to build houses with Habitat I think, even though that sounds like a lot of fun.

I’m really good at organizing and office stuff so I think I could be an asset somewhere helping someone.

There’s a clearinghouse of volunteer opportunities in town and I need to sort through them I suppose to see if something is a good fit.

I’m still waiting to meet with the rehabilitation counselor on getting a little part time job as well, so there’s that.

I just want to give something back. This community has given so much to me.

It’s time.

Older original art by me.

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