Ideas 💡

I’m struggling with ideas for self-care.

I mean, there are the obvious ones like; take a shower, watch a movie, etc.

I’m having a hard time with those.

I can’t find my nail polish. I know it would help me if I did my nails, but I don’t know what I did with my nail stuff.

It would maybe help if I did some art, but I’m feeling very uninspired right now, so I don’t know what I’d create.

I’m having a hard time focusing so reading is difficult. I maybe could, I just need a new corner or something to read in.

I don’t know.

I’m just having that day.

I’m restless and feeling icky. It is what it is.

Image cited somewhere else on my blog.

2 thoughts on “Ideas 💡

  1. Sometimes simply doing nothing is also good for your mental health, I have days were I feel exactly the same and stressing about doing nothing doesn’t help, sometimes self care is simply acknowledging that you don’t feel active, you’re disinterested, unmotivated, etc and accepting it and letting it happen cause sometimes you need it to happen cause it’s like feelings; if you don’t experience them and try to hinder them the harder they become.

    Anyway, I hope you get yourself back 🙂

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