As in, achievement unlocked! I took a shower!


I am also wearing clean clothes, despite the fact that it looks like I’m wearing the same green shirt, (I own several green shirts due to the fact that it’s my favorite color).

I have been slacking on this since I got sick. It was time to shower and change the sheets.

Showering is never my best skill. I mean, I do it, and I’m better at it than I could be I guess. If I don’t have anywhere to go, it can kind of get out of hand, but I rarely go in public without showering recently.

I sort of got out of the habit when I was not doing very well emotionally, which was a pretty long time, and it’s one of the last things to recover I guess.

I’d also add that since the hysterectomy and the onset of early menopause, my hair doesn’t get gross as fast, so I can kind of pull it off.

Hey, things that seemed like a disaster in the beginning are really starting to pay off.

It’s kind of awesome.

Honestly though, physical illness has taken its toll. I feel wretched.

I literally picked up an entire box worth of Kleenex off of the floor next to the bed, (disgusting, I know).

This upper respiratory crud can disappear any time now. This girl has things to do!

I’m starting to get antsy about moving forward with the new chapters of my life, but I know that everything will come in time. Patience has never been a virtue of mine.

I’m done with the helpless victim of mental illness and on to being a survivor.

It’s like my whole world has changed.

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