Mouth 👄

Sometimes I let my mouth run away with me. Usually it’s when I’m anxious about something.

Today, I made someone feel stupid because I repeated the same thing over and over again and this person thought I was doing that because I thought they didn’t understand.


Just my anxiety making my mouth run before my brain can catch up.

I get a little obsessive about things when I get anxious and I can’t snap out of them. I notice that pattern in my mom too.

I actually hate it when my mom does it, so I need to learn to not do that.


Today is the first day that I realized that I truly did something to that extreme though, so I guess it’s just a chance to make a change.

I can ask the people around me, (aside from my mom obviously), to help me to avoid this behavior.

I really hate anxiety. It’s such a pain in my butt. It gets in the way of so many things and I’m discovering that a lot of it is learned behavior. How annoying is that?

Older original art by me.

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