I woke up too early today. How is that even possible?

Normally, I would curl back up in bed or find something productive to do with myself, but I have to leave for an appointment in an hour so I feel like I don’t want to start any projects.

I am just kind of twiddling my thumbs watching the clock.

I hate that.

I just get anxious and stupid when that happens.

I wish I had some errands to run or things that were going to take up my time this morning, but the couple errands I can think of will only take about five minutes. Hardly enough time to really take a chunk out of the hour I have to stare at the wall.

I could see if something is on the television, but I wouldn’t really get to see the end of it, so that seems counterproductive.

I am just restless. I’m also anxious.

The great news is that the vertigo is gone. I feel human again. That was terrible.

I guess I should just be grateful for that and figure out some “busy” stuff in the meantime.

Oh well.

Image from Pixabay.

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