Does anyone else read/use reddit? I find that it can be an incredibly stressful place.

I don’t really post there because people are so vicious about even the most minor spelling or grammatical errors. It’s hard to get people to see the content of what I am posting beyond the text.

There is some useful information and there are some “subs” that are not as harsh as others, but in general I just find it to be a pretty hostile climate. I think it brings out the worst in people.

I notice that I use it more when I’m in particular mood states. When I’m in the mood to argue or in the mood to be a jerk, it’s a perfect outlet for that. Otherwise, I might not open it for weeks. It can be especially dangerous for me in a mixed state or when I’m manic.

I am just curious how many others experience this or have noticed this. Let me know in the comments.

Image from Reddit.

2 thoughts on “Reddit

  1. Reddit people tend to be a different breed. They are mostly techies and millennials or younger. That might give you an idea on why you have run into this problem. I follow the bipolar subs, but not as often anymore because of the incessant whining not because of the bad attitudes. If it helps you out any, my therapist Reddit is NOT the place to go for information. LOL This has been my experience on Reddit.

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    1. Hey. Thanks for sharing your experience. I kind of got the techie/millennial vibe. There DOES seem to be a LOT of misinformation on there as well…


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