I have been in a “crisis bubble” for most of this month.

What that means in real language is that I need to start managing some things that I have been ignoring like mood charting and some other self-care things.

At the same time, I’m kind of proud of myself for keeping up with the things that I have so far.

My sleep isn’t great, but it’s not terrible.

I have clean clothes to wear.

I am reasonably clean, even though I whine about the shower every time I have to get in.

I made it to my therapist this week, (something I didn’t do for a couple of weeks), and it was a productive session.

All is not lost. It may be slightly out of balance, and balance is so incredibly key in keeping things steady with Bipolar Disorder, especially my flavor, but it is redeemable.

I was struggling earlier this week because things felt like they were spinning out of control with my health and other issues, but things have settled.

In the end it’s all good.

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