Facebook reminded me that yesterday was the one year anniversary of my 100lb weight loss.

I’ve only managed to keep 30lbs of it off to date.

I couldn’t maintain the very unhealthy restrictive diet I was on to lose that weight, and I haven’t been able to stay away from junk etc so I haven’t been able to keep it off either.

I got a referral to the medical weight loss folks here through my doctors office so that I could meet with a dietician and doctor because I think my weight is out of control. I am not sure how much they are going to be able to help, but I really want to be able to sort this out.

I have been holding onto the paperwork though because my life has been so crazy that I didn’t know when I’d be able to get an appointment and when I’d be able to go. I need to drop it off soon I think, however and get this process started. I hate the way I feel in my clothes and I hate the way I look in the mirror. I feel disgusting.

I just need some outside accountability I think and guidance so I don’t go off of the rails like I did last year.

We’ll see. I’ll get off hold soon.

Image from public domain photos.

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