Okay, I know I complained about the -40°F temps, but now it’s super hot.

Now that I have hit menopause early I’m even more heat intolerant than I was before. Add that to the psych meds and I’m just a mess.

Someone bring me a fan!!!!!!

Seriously. I have air conditioning where I am and it’s great, but standing over the stove is for the birds.

I just don’t want to be outside. Gross.

I know I’d get sick even at the beach.

So today, I’m super grateful for air conditioning.

For real.

Image cited somewhere else on my blog.

2 thoughts on “Wave

  1. I skipped m nephews graduation party because they were holding it outside. It was 93 today. I don’t do heat. At all. The only saving grace is that it is not humid out. Meds, surgical menopause, and being fat does not help in any way. I’m dreaming of the first snowfall already. I didn’t even complain about the cold this past winter. If anything I don’t think it got cold enough. I didn’t even get to wear a scarf.

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